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The Wipe Out Factory is the studio loft based in The Hague. In this project studio Wiboud recorded, produced or wrote for more then 100 projects, including more then 70 cd’s.
Most of these cd’s were written, produced and mixed at the Wipe Out Factory except for drums, whole bands or large (string) ensembles. The Wipe Out Factory is ideal for project productions (vocals, keys, bass, guitars, percussion etc.), writing/production and mixing sessions. Feel free to visit the studio.

The Wipe Factory contains a large production booth and a small recording booth. The production booth is centred around a large mixing desk TAC Matchless 36-8-2 (made by Neve), lots of gear and (vintage) keyboards (Rhodes Suitcase , Wurlizer, Hohner Clavinet D6, Yamaha CS50, Roland SH 101, Juno 60, Korg Poly 6 and lots of vintage fx gear).
The Wipe Out Factory provided productions for artists like Waylon, Lalah Hathaway, Leon Ware, Phonté (Little Brother), Jungle by Night, Benjamin Herman, Lilian Vieira, Jeffrey Spalburg, Ben van den Dungen, Kindred Spirits Ensemble and many more.


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